12th Oct 2023

Why should you see a dental professional for facial aesthetics?

Facial aesthetic procedures refer to non-surgical cosmetic treatments that aim to enhance a person’s appearance. These can be performed by a variety of healthcare professionals, including dental surgeons and dental professionals. Dentists and dental professionals (hygienists and therapists) have a unique understanding of the structure and function of the face, including the muscles, bones and […]

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29th Jan 2021

Immediate Life Support (ILS) Training for Sedation at LCIAD | Face

Anyone who has completed our Medical History Questionnaire knows that we take the medical well-being of our patients at LCIAD | Face very seriously. Medical emergencies in facial aesthetics are thankfully rare. Some practitioners may go their whole lives without seeing one. However, this is precisely why it is important to train regularly and meaningfully to […]

31st Oct 2019

LCIAD Dental, Academy and Face Website launch

We are are delighted to announce the launch of our three new interconnected websites for LCIAD Dental, LCIAD Academy and LCIAD Face on 31st October 2019. Our team celebrated with a spot of impromptu pumpkin-carving to set the Halloween launch date mood. LCIAD Dental is for our modern dental practice in the heart of London’s […]