Forehead rejuvenation

This is a wonderful non-surgical method which will smooth out unwanted lines and leave your skin looking more even and healthy.

Forehead lines can present a common problem for men and women at any age. Our skin loses elasticity and cannot regain its shape as in our younger days.

Sun exposure, smoking, environmental toxins and genetics can also result in the appearance of forehead lines.

Forehead rejuvenation is a method of getting rid of unwanted deep lines, frown lines and laughter lines. It works by restoring the volume of fat cells and collagen within the skin to create a smooth and healthy look.

It can be used as standalone treatment or combination of other treatments to gain optimum results.

Full recovery:  1-2 days -up to 10 days in case of bruising
Back to work:  0-24 hours
Duration of results:  6 months
Who can have this treatment?  18+

Facial Aesthetics Questionnaire (FAesQ)