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A New Approach to The Face and Smile: The Italian Smile

Milvia qualified as a dental surgeon at the University of Bari (Italy) in 1992. Since then she has been dedicated to aesthetic dentistry and complex full mouth rehabilitation, always seeking the perfect balance between a beautiful smile and the harmony of the face. Her passion for facial aesthetics has developed over the years and all the knowledge and skills she has acquired have enabled her to offer the most advanced non-surgical facial aesthetics techniques, enhancing natural beauty subtly without exaggerating or overusing her techniques.

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Milvia completed a Master’s Degree in 2009 on Perioral and Oral Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatment at the prestigious University of Padua (Italy), the first accredited university training on facial aesthetic treatment for dentists in Europe. She has since carried out research on injectable fillers with new 3D technology (Polishape 3D). Throughout the years she has acquired expertise in all aspects of Botulinum Toxin therapy, Fillers, Biorevolumetry, Skin Rejuvenation, PRP rejuvenation, Chemical Peels and Cosmeceuticals.

Milvia’s accredited training and experience has allowed her to become a founding member and vice-president of Poiesis, a scientific society dedicated to Facial Aesthetics in Dentistry and general well-being. She lectures regularly on facial aesthetics topics in different congresses in Italy and other European countries and in hands-on training courses for dentists on facial fillers. IMilvia has also co-authored a textbook of facial aesthetics Estetica Dei Tessuti Orali E Periorali In Odontoiatria (Esthetics of Oral and Peri-Oral Tissues in Dentistry).