Biorevitalisation, also known as mesotherapy, biostimulation or bioregeneration, is a biological way to revitalise, rejuvenate and hydrate skin which has been sun-damaged or looks dull and tired.

In this non-surgical method, small injections introduce Hyaluronic Acid (Prophilo, Juvederm Volift Voline, RRS), Collagen (Linerase), Polynucleotides (Newest) and other active ingredients like Silicium into the skin, to slow down the aging process by improving the renewal of skin cells, giving a radiant glow and more elastic skin.  It helps prevent further ageing signs by the express repair of the damaged skin for a long-term aesthetic result.

For maximum benefit from the Biorevitalisation, we recommend a full course of 3-6 sessions, with approximately 2 weeks between appointments.  The treatment plan is tailored depending on your specific skin condition and lifestyle.

Biorevitalisation is recommended for face, neck, décolletage and hand rejuvenation.

Full recovery:  1-3 days

Back to work:  0-48 hours

Duration of results:  Regular appointments are vital in the early stages to ensure excellent results. You should have one appointment every 2-4 weeks. The recommendation is a course of 3-6 treatments supplemented by a maintenance treatment every six months. Maintenance sessions will help to sustain results long-term.

Who can have this treatment?  18+

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