Fees and Payment Choices

LCIAD Face does not always have a set “fee per item” fee structure but rather a time and costs-based fee calculation method which may be different to most other practices. What we charge depends not only on what we plan to do, but often more significantly on how we plan to do it and the steps required to get to a given result.

We provide individual customised estimates after gathering sufficient information from your consultation appointment(s).  However, we provide a guide below to allow an appraisal of ballpark figures prior to attending the practice so that you are aware of the levels of investment likely to be involved for the standard of work we provide.  Please note these are guidelines based on current fees and should not be taken as quotes.

Please be assured that we always endeavour to be as cost-effective as possible.  The scope of work that Dr Di Gioia carries out, especially where extensive, full-facial aesthetics and maintenance treatment is being carried out, is  very personalised. She really gets to know each individual patient’s ideal requirements and most appropriate treatment combinations for their skin type and our fees must necessarily reflect this.  However, we believe that the long-term value of quality advice and care easily makes up for the initial investment.

Flexible Ways to Pay

Phased payments in advance of each phase of treatment:

  • 50% in advance, 50% halfway through treatment
  • Payment plans extending from 6-24 months interest-free and up to 5 years interest-bearing (Braemar Finance).  Please note that LCIAD must receive all monies prior to elective treatment commencing
  • 7.5% fee reduction for full advance payment of estimates over £10,000
  • We can also discuss other arrangements depending on the estimate and timetable for any given case.

All appointment fees are payable upon booking either by card payment over the phone or BACS transfer.

We regret that we are unable to accept cheques and American Express towards payment.


Sleep Study Consultation


Oralift Consultation


Face | New Patient Remote Video Consultation


Face | New Patient Remote Video Consultation Followed by a 30 Minute in Office Consultation


Face | New Patient Full Case Assessment


Biostimulation (mesotherapy)

Biostimulation Face course of 3 sessions


Biostimulation (2 areas) course of 3 sessions


Profhilo course of 3 sessions


Biostimulation Eyes (for dark circle, wrinkles lower eyelid) course of 5 sessions


Dermapen each session



Biorivolumetria Face Simple Session


Lip refreshing


Lip Filler – Vertical Lip Lines (deep set lines from the upper lip to the nose)


Lip reshaping with filler



HIFU Session Face


HIFU Session Neck


HIFU Session Decolletage


HIFU Session Combination of Areas 2 areas


Oral Repositioning Device for OSAS

From £1,300