Biorivolumetria technique – 11 point face lift

This treatment is for anyone who wants to lift and refresh their appearance without surgery.

This is great option as it is a subtle non-permanent and long-lasting treatment which avoids the downtime needed with surgical techniques.

Dermal fillers are used at 8-11 strategic lifting points in the face – the cheek, tear trough, nasolabial folds (smile lines), mouth corners, pre-jowl area, jawline, lower cheek and marionette lines (running downwards from the corners of the mouth).

One treatment, with touch-ups every few months, promises results for 12-18 months.

With no scars or tell-tale signs you have had anything done, the procedure is much less invasive and subtler than a surgical facelift.

Full recovery:  1-2 days-up sometimes up to 10 days
Back to work:  0-48 hours
Results last for:  12-18 months with occasional refresh
Who can have this treatment?  30+

Facial Aesthetics Questionnaire (FAesQ)