LCIAD Face PRP platelet-rich plasma Vampire facelift

PRP (vampire facelift)

Not as dramatic as it sounds!

The PRP (platelet-rich plasma) facelift or vampire facelift is so-called becasue it uses the most concentrated healing cells from your own blood in addition to a microneedling procedure to speed up and enhance healing and final results.

Some of your OWN blood is taken at the surgery (no risk of any cross-infection from another source) and centrifuged to separate the cells and blood fraction that contain the chemicals that boost healing after injury.

This is then applied to your face after microneedling to enhance the healing and final results.

Full recovery:  5–12 days
Back to work:  2-3 days
Duration of results:  Regular appointments are vital in the early stages to ensure excellent results. We advise a course of 4-5 treatments with one appointment every 3-4 weeks, following by a maintenance treatment every 6-12 months.
Who can have this treatment?  30+

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