Facial aesthetic procedures refer to non-surgical cosmetic treatments that aim to enhance a person’s appearance. These can be performed by a variety of healthcare professionals, including dental surgeons and dental professionals.

Dentists and dental professionals (hygienists and therapists) have a unique understanding of the structure and function of the face, including the muscles, bones and teeth, which allows them to provide safe and effective treatments.

Dental professionals have specific training in the structure of the head and face, and they have extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the oral cavity which enables them to provide the correct diagnosis and the ideal treatment plan for each individual patient. They also have the skills to administer injections for facial aesthetics products with minimal discomfort since they administer local anaesthetic for dental procedures every day. This can include treatments such as wrinkle reduction, dermal fillers, and facial contouring.

Additionally, dental professionals are in an advantageous position to assess the relationship between a person’s dental health and their facial aesthetics. For example, missing teeth or malocclusion (improper alignment of the teeth) can affect the way the face looks, and a dental professional can address these issues with appropriate advice and treatment so that facial aesthetics and dental procedures are co-ordinated for optimal outcome. Furthermore, they are trained to evaluate the overall harmony of the face and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide treatments that enhance the patient’s natural beauty.

There is also the huge consideration of health and safety. Currently in the beauty industry, facial aesthetics remains unregulated, with beauticians and health spas offering cheap dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. Dental and medical professionals must follow strict standards for cleanliness and patient safety and are insured for such procedures. Cross infection control and health and safety have always been an important consideration in the dental industry

Facial aesthetics procedures should be undertaken by qualified medical and dental professionals because they are experienced and, most importantly, safer in the hands of a professional.

Dental Hygienist / Dental Therapist Rosanna Hosker-Thornhill at LCIAD London Centre for Implants and Aesthetic Dentistry

Dental Hygienist / Dental Therapist / Dental Care Professional
Diploma in Dental Hygiene and Therapy, Eastman Dental Hospital
Rosie is our dental hygienist and therapist having trained at the Eastman Dental Hospital alongside experienced consultants and post-graduate dental surgeons. Rosie has a particular interest in the treatment of patients with advanced, destructive periodontal disease and aesthetic tooth restorations and tooth whitening.
Rosanna Hosker-Thornhill
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